Na Habří

This book was made in the year 2006 and it is about the place called Na Habří and about the rabbits, I use to see there during last winter


  1. It's a wonderful book, is it yours, have you done it?

    Thank you Andrea, that's so sweet of you :) Maybe they are expensive? You can keep your eyes open and come back to me if you see anything.

  2. Thank you Camilla, yes the book is mine, i have done it last year.
    I will try to get some informations about the heads, and i will let you know.

  3. beautiful book!!!!

  4. Anonymous12/05/2007

    wowwowwow dushinko, yak wona je internasionalni. celey swet yji zhna

  5. Anonymous12/05/2007

    a na muj blog nowbody nekhodi

  6. Anonymous1/05/2008

    This book of yours looks so very beautiful... those grey rabbits en masse! Such beautiful work.

    see you, gracia

  7. andrea:

    oh.. i just posted a note on Cally's blog about this book, and i didn't write this before, but when i first saw this book above, i thought the pages were actually tall walls (a stone or marble testured look) in a gallery, and larger than me, taller. It stunned me... like a sculpture garden to walk about in...the earth brought up on the wall, the bunnies... and their memories, their eathly inner bone, skull, almost haunting.. It would be amazing that big!! So lovely# yes!


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