This is an apolgy for my english. I feel shy, that my english is so primitiv and with many mistakes. But.... In my opinion, more people will understand better my bad english , than my perfect czech :-) Thank you!


  1. a beautiful photo... the crystals of ice, and the earthy circle... the colors-- there is only one language}

    all the light, the colors, texture, shapes; all the love and fear--we all share the same ; if we learn to look, listen, dream again together. We share the same earth, the same hopes, heart...

  2. Very beautiful frozen plant.
    Would visit your blog also if it was in Czech ;) and understand your English very well!

  3. I feel just like you, restricted and clumsy. Once I met an artist from Prague who hadn't so many English words but was so innovative that her English was better than perfect. Think that is what we must do, release the English from within.
    Or show beautiful photos, like you.

  4. Thank you all for the nice words.

  5. i love bibbi's comment here--about releasing the words (any language) from within!! It is just dance, language.. twirly tops, sun and shadows splashing in moving water--play!


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