art semester

Today I visited my ex-university, to see the students exhibition. So here is a small show of their works.
F.Štorm director and lecture of the Type Design and Typography studio at the graphic catedra.


  1. Like the drawings in the middle and the tiny paintings. Have you got a jewellery section too?
    One thing I want to ad about your kind words, why you gave me the award, I've got a similar feeling like you :)

  2. these are interesting, its like we got to come along with you...
    you are probably soaking in the tub with that good book! I;m listening to the presidential debates on tv and i want them to bath out their mouths... : )

  3. It's so sweet of you to showcase their efforts on your wonderful blog!

  4. karin: there is a much more section on the school, than showed. Jewellery section is there too, of course.Here on the 5. and 6. picture. The head of this studio is Eva Eisler.
    mansuetude:I would like to be soaking in the tube, but unfortunately I have to do something else :-(
    Mary-Laure: thanky you for compliment

  5. Anonymous1/31/2008

    if you want to know a little bit more about andrea's
    "ex-university" ( academy/of/arts/architecture/and/design/prague ):
    have a nice day all of you

  6. Uctivá poklona a díky, ivo :-)
    Thank you very much, mister ivo!


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