bad start, good end

I think, everybody knows these days. I woke up late, so I wanted to use the car. But it didn´t want to collaborate. Probably because I forgot to switch off the lights on monday :-(
So I took the bus, already in haste, and went to take care of the horse. But instead of a nice red - haired horse, I found this:
But, then in the afternoon, I visited one bookstore and I found this big, fantastic helper for my english! I know, there is a lot of new, good made books for learning languages, but this one is unique! I hope, my english will be much better!


  1. hello again!

    I love these images so much. I thought the first one (not shy today) was a tree with peeling bark...but it is a horse matted hair and all. Great texture.

    Also love the red book, it looks like a good way to learn english, it made me remember how I hated to learn English in grade school, so much I didn't understand ...and even today, i can barely spell some words, no matter how much I write them. (Sigh)

    Your pictures and your art and your English is wonderful--alive. I like the way you are.

  2. Wow, that book is amazing!!!!
    I love things like that, and if they can teach new things as well as looking great then it is even better.

    I can tell you are really committed to your English, do you want help? I'd be happy to let you know if I see something that could be said in a more 'correct' way.

    Personally I really like to see the little mistakes because they give me a clue as to how words are used n a different language, but if you are really wanting to get things accurate I'd be happy to leave notes whenever I visit here. I would not need to leave many notes :0)

    The artists book project you mentioned sounds really good. I'm doing a collaboration using my own papercut books from college some time this year (the date is dependent on my health). Maybe you would be interested? I will contact you when I am more organised and tell you about it.

    Thanks for permission to show your own books, it will be great to have your images on January blog, hopefully this week if my internet keeps working.

    ps. my English is UK English, so the spelling is a little different from American English.

  3. Anonymous1/16/2008

    fuuuuuuj, to je ale prase to nase zvire! ale on si to valeni urcite zase nesmirne uzil!!!! :-)))

  4. The first picture is priceless :)

  5. Aha, the horse took a nice little mud -bath.
    The book is a wonderful find with these illustrations.

  6. Hi Andrea: love that book. You'll be speaking just like the natives...of 1936.

    Got any pictures of a real hep-cat picking up his sweetie for a ride in his jalopy? ;) (Well, I think that's 30's slang)

    Your English is wonderful. I'm trying to learn German- now, there's trouble.

    Found your blog through Bibbi's

  7. Cally, thank you for your nice offer.I´ll be happy,if you will help me with my mistakes.
    And of course I will be interested in everthing about artists books! Thank you.
    j: hopefully I will not speak like from 1936, with help of Cally. But maybe it would be intersting?
    I used to learn German as a child, but than I didn´t use it and I forgot almost everything.

  8. I really like the images in that book of the animals; and yes your image of the horse is so interesting!

  9. NOW I get it! yes, you would probably get enough clay for a large piece from that horse, wonderful image. Don't worry about your English, your communication is good. A also worry more about my German. Used to practice with an 8-year old girl in Berlin, she was my best teacher ever!

  10. the picture of the horse reminded me so much when I used to ride... that was a long time ago and I miss it almost daily. Actually I think of it every night, cause when I try to fall asleep I always imagine going out to the field and getting the horses....

  11. mette: I believe you, I can´t imagine to be without it. I know, I would have much more time, but so many things I would miss.


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