graphic art

When I saw the art of Heather Smith Jones and read what Cally wrote about pinehal art, I had to think about my favourite graphic artist Alena Kučerová.
She is printing from metal dies, where the drawing is made by holes.
I love her work, unfortunately she closed her graphic work few years ago.


  1. I like the geometry of these, and the tones.

    (am also enjoying your comments on other blogs-- its fun and funny sometimes.) Though we don't love "stupid smiles" :) you give me so many!

    Have a wonderful day.

  2. Mansuetude: I am happy for giving you so many :-))
    I read again, what I wrote today here and I understand you very well - hals instead of holes etc. And the last sentence was axcellent too.I hope it is a little better now.

  3. no...you don't know my meaning... I never noticed the "hals and holes" at all.

    I mean the comments you write on other blogs, too--(like on bibbi's and camilla's blogs). I enjoy them a lot. You make it fun, there, too. Does that make sense? I mean I like the things you say--... You are sharp wit and funny!

    Your english is fine!

  4. Of course I understand you, but yet I feel sometimes like Mr.Kaplan from Leo Rosten´s book :-)

  5. now i don't understand... this book is not inside me. ???

  6. It´s a book about a school for foreigners in New York. And Mr.Kaplan is the protagonist - speaking a lot and making a lot of funny mistakes.
    I think this book is great for all of use - language students.

  7. Just wanted to say hello. Thank you for such sweet comments on my blog, they alway make my day brighter even if I don't always reply. I'm glad the connection was made because I am quickly falling in love with your blog. Your printmaking and photos are beautiful, they capture a sense of atmosphere, a bit like looking through a mist at something magical.
    This artist also capture my attention I'd like to make prints like that, one hole after another.
    Hearing about your horse touches me too, I used to ride but miss it deeply now.


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