I love this photo - it´s my husband´s grandgrandfather and his grandmother as a child. I like the atmosphere in this picture very much.
This is a very good publishing Baobab


  1. great composition
    the sky looks like it has been plaster coated...to fill in cracks..
    i love that!

  2. Anonymous1/15/2008

    dusi ja ji vobdivuji, jak vona to vse umi a stiha.

  3. nooo, duši vona stíhá to, co by neměla a to co by měla zase nestíhá a pak z toho má stíhu :-)

  4. Just found your blog, it's very beautiful!

    Your English is very good (especially your punctuation, better than mine).

    I am always impressed by people who blog in a second language, it's so brave. In this post your English is perfect, every word.

  5. a taky duši, kdybych já neměla báječnou sestru, tak fůru věcí nevím, neumím a nemám - co se týče webu.

  6. Cally: Thank you very much,I am growing red :-)

  7. Hi again, I just looked back at previous posts and was thrilled to see that you make books, beautiful books! Would it be ok to show some images of your work on my blog? I am obsessed with artists books and I adore the one you did with the rabbits.

  8. Anonymous1/15/2008

    jedyty! ale takhle sem to rejpnuti zase nemyslela...:-))) ale tooo vis, ze ja rada! dyk je to jedina vec, ve ktery muzu poucit ja tebe, tak si to musim uzivat :-)))

  9. Of course, show them,I´ll be glad.
    We are working on a small czech-german exhibition of artists book,it will be open in February.So I will show some pictures from there.

  10. The photo is very lovely and funny.


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