Karin´s tag

I was tagged by Karin
"Show me a special something (if you like),
some thing that is important or beautiful or meaningful or full of
memories for you - or all of that - and tell me about it."
It was really not easy to chose. On one side , I try not to be depend on things, on the other side I like some of them a lot. So it was a question - what to choose?
My favourite coffe cup, an old, small pocket knife, old teddy bear found on the see side?
So, here is, what I chose:
My old and beloved graphic needle. It is one of my first graphic tools and it is with me everywhere I go (with the possibility to work).
The stones I like, because they are nice and especially, because I found them with my daughter and husband, when we were on a trip. So they are connected with nice memories. One of these stones is also in the ring - which is enough massive, that I can´t destroy it.
And because I think, this is a nice question I am going to use and I tag:
Camilla, Erin, Mary - Laure
I hope, they will continue.


  1. Hi Andrea. I'm sorry if you feel over-tagged, but I have also given you the "You make my day"-award. I find your blog, your posts and your pictures so beautiful and inspiring:) (you can find more info on my blog) /C

  2. Thanks for tagging me Andrea. I'll think about what to feature and will let you know as soon as I come up with something nice.
    I was wondering what a 'graphic needle' was...? It's a BEAUTIFUL object.
    (Please give Frodo a good belly rub for me)

  3. good morning mary-laure,
    i'm sure andrea means "etching needle" -
    and you're right, it's beautiful object -

  4. Andrea, this is a very nice and personal answer just like I was wishing for :) Thank you for sharing this.

  5. Thank you all!
    Christine: thank you very very much, I am really pleased, specially because I am not blogging for a long time.
    Mary-Laure:thank you for nice comments, Frodo says hello to you
    ivo: thank you for explication, come more often and make the thinks clear :-)) A pozdravuj moc kluka ušatýho
    Karin:I am happy, that I satisfied your wish :-)

  6. such a lovely picture of beautiful, special things...

  7. Thank you for the tag I'll respond to it soon!

    I too love your etching pen, it is indeed a very beautiful object . . .nd those sweet little stones that hold sweet memories.


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