looking forward

New weekend is coming and we are looking forward. Have a nice days and enjoy everything what will they bring!


  1. What a beautiful dog... o does (s)he walk around on hind legs like a person?

    Have a wonderful weekend...i am ready for a sleep-in.

  2. i love everything here
    dog, white wooden window with paint worn in place and that lovely chair, the wood looks so solid and smooth

    enjoy your weekend, i will look forward to seeing what you may photograph.

  3. mansuetude:it´s he, his name is Frodo and he belongs to my daughter. But he
    chose me as his loved person.
    No, he doesnt walk on hind legs ( fortunately) but he would like to sit at the table with us and eat like a person.
    cally:We live in an old house - the grandgrandfather, who was on the old picture, was the first owner.And yes, everything here is old and solid, with a history. But sometimes I wish to have everything new, new painted windows and doors, new chairs....
    But it´s only sometimes.

  4. Frodo" after the character in Lord of the Rings! The friend... it is darling how an animal will choose a love link. My beagle follows me around like a lost lover; once we left him for two weeks at people's house he loved, and he didn't eat...now when he gets chubby i threaten him to go to their house for a diet treatment...!

  5. you have nice days too :) the dog picture is too cute, it looks so excited. isn't it strange to see flowers in january? i've seen many already, scary.

  6. aw, this picture is wonderful. it is pure joy.

  7. He is adorable! I am a total dog lover.


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