I hope, you will enjoy this picture. I have to smile everytime I look at it.
It was made by my daughter last year .
Title is: Mammy in the bath ( as you can see ).
mansuetude and Cally, thank you both very much!
Now, dear ladies, you can see, whom did you gave the award.
I think, now I will wait for a while, before I´ll send the award farther.


  1. Hello, you love reading in the bathtub too? A lovely drawing.
    Thank you very much for the award, I'm very happy about it.

  2. please, don't ask me why, but looking at this drawing (which i like very much - are there any more?) i hear the song "don't sleep in the subway, baby..." in my head - strange, isn't it? -
    greetings to dorotka!

  3. i love your daughter's drawing...what are you reading in the bath?
    I used to love doing that, but hate when my books get wrinkled from steam...
    candle light and wine works best.

  4. karin:yes I love it! It is the only place, where nobody disturbs me.
    ivo:unfortunately I don´t know the song and yes, I have some other drawings, I will show them ( sometimes)
    mansuetude:in the bath I am reading everything, what I have on the bed table. Just now J.Johnston-How Many Miles to Babylon?

  5. oh how sweet! love this illustration.

  6. wonderful!

    and all the details- your earrings, the pattern of the tile, the sponge...

  7. excellent toe curling around the end of the bath!


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