spring in the air

Today, before lunch I brought these prints from the studio. And in the afternoon, I heard, after a long time, the birds singing.

Ivo Sedláček is working with me on the artists book exhibition. It will start in February.


  1. very beautiful

  2. so much nature around you, and so good that you notice and enjoy it all.

    these prints are beautiful.

    so, our first english lesson (ha, who am i to teach, i am not even using capital letters!). english on this post is perfect. on the last one, when talking about the car we would say 'share' rather than collaborate.

    and on the part where you say 'there is a lot of new books', you would say 'there are a lot'. 'is' is for one thing, 'are' is for many things, for example...

    "there is one horse covered in clay, there are many people enjoying your photo of it"

    do you like your lessons in the comments section, or would you prefer email?

    i should be clear, i am terrible at punctuation, ignore mine completely, i went to school in UK and USA and missed lots of lessons.

  3. Thank you Cally for the first lesson and for your willingness to help!
    I think, here it´s o.k. and easier for me, go back to the posts, read it again and hopefully remember the correct version.
    I used to learn German as a child and, of course in that time all of us had to learn Russian. But I didn´t use the languages and forgot almost everything. With English I started several times, but for many reasons I didn´t practice enough and this is the result. But I enjoy it and this is the perfect way for practicing. Thank you again!

  4. ahoj adi and cally especially. i mandrea´s sister. myenglish is very bad. but i can understund and i am able to write (with wordbook), speaking is bad. your lessons with my sister are super, i will watch for them :-))) have a nice day!

  5. andrea

    very beautiful images; again the earthy quality, only this time it is almost about sky and birth, flight and song. They are very feminine shapes and connective, sensual--the sound of the bird and the sky and the chord of bone all one.

  6. 2. On Cally's blog you gave me a wonderful compliment... it made me shy... Oooo

    But I am no "word magician." If I were--Poof! I could turn people into frogs, or better, kinder things at a tremble of sound. No...If anything, words have made me their puppet.

    Thank you for the compliment.

  7. Andrea, beautiful work.
    I love Cally's english lesson. When I started blogging about 5 months ago I had to use the dictionary very often. Now it goes better and better, but there are still some things I'm never sure about what's right and what wrong.
    Great to have your own private teacher!


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