with a little help from my friend

everything has to be under control!


  1. pierre1/31/2008

    selma alejkum! - co dela aguska?

  2. beautiful dog. what breed is he? (is this the English of the comment above? ;) )

  3. ...how beautiful. He loves your work, too... does he make sounds, to tell you "Yes, very good!"

    My dog Dublin, rarely looks at a tv or monitor, unless there is soft music (he's attracted to very beautiful voices and music, and animal sounds) then he looks that way. He like the fire, alot.

  4. It´s good to have help from a friend, i have one to, a mall snautzer called Ruffa.
    So nice photos from your art semester, and the pictures of you in the bath...It´s wonderful.

  5. Pierre: welcome, it´s nice that you are here!Aguška je naštvaná, protože Tomáš s Dorkou jeli na hory a nechali jí tu jen se mnou a tím černým lotrem.
    j: Frodo is a special mixture - his mother was a Jack Russel terrier and his father is who knows who ( probably there was some part of dachshund)I think it must be English, because I understand it :-))
    Mansuetude: he doesn´t comment my work, he just says ( very loud ): stop working and come to play with me or let´s go out, hurry up!
    marie-louise:unfortunately it wasn´t mine art semestr ( just on my ex-university). I am out from the school for a long, long time.
    What kind of dog is snautzer?

  6. nice to see you put Frodo to work -Rufus never does anything productive

  7. Oh, Frodo! I am so glad you are back on Andrea's blog. I think you're super cute - you have something of a dachshund, so Benjy and you are related...

  8. Anonymous2/01/2008

    Andrea, he looks something like a Labrador Retriever, too, don't you think?

    He's just beautiful.

  9. Andrea, that was me above (Anon). Don't know why it didn't register. But just in case it does it again...

    j (nearbythesea)

  10. Maybe a Labrador Retriever, maybe dachshund too.Sometimes I think, he has something from a cat and monkey, too.

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