art without ambitions

I love these small " art pieces" which are made without any meaning about colours, composition and sense. And this is really perfect african textile


  1. i wonder how our souls look, all patched with threads of light, and the new cloth of hopes, of love found, loves later torn--i think cloth breathes and keeps all our touches.

    Love your images!

  2. I love these photos, Andrea! I have some old pieces of fabric that have been patched by some previous owner and I can't bear to make anything with them...I just get them out and look at them once and a while and think about the person who may have done the sewing many years ago.

  3. Anonymous2/08/2008

    A beautiful, patched-up pair these make.

    see you, g

  4. Great finds. A patch can be a great piece of art, if someone with an open eye is looking at.


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