back home

first night

before a tobogan trip...

a foggy trip

dog´s life at the hotel

befor going home
I am back home, after 3 foggy and partly rainy ( but anyway amazing ) days.


  1. Looks like a fun trip! Were you skiing? Hiking? Your dog is so cute...he reminds me so much of my old dog, Emma who was a cross between a dachsund and who know what else...she's long gone now, but it's fun to be reminded of her here! :)

  2. Jill, I am not skiing (unlike my husband and daughter) nor hiking. I used the helmet :-) for a trip with slider (sledge ) - is that a right term?
    Our dog is a mixture of a Jack Russel terrier ( his mother ) and who knows who ( father ). And he is the funniest dog I ever met.

  3. zaaaavidim!!! taky bych jela na hory, sakra prace, sem nebyla takovy 3 roky minimlane...:-(((
    se maj, ze tam mohli jeste zustat, co?

  4. you show us the beauty of a foggy day

  5. tobogganing is fun. been too long since I've sledding. I'd rather throw myself down a hill sitting down, than standing on skis.

    thanks for sharing your lovely pictures.

    I keep thinking there's labrador in Frodo somewhere- his head shape, his color, and that white patch on his chest. labs are fun dogs, too.

  6. Great pics, Wer is this?

  7. Hi Andrea! Love the foggy pictures and the helmet too!! Looks like a beautiful place.

  8. wonderful! love your helmet and the photos, all.
    Ski is for people who like to fly! :) i miss it.

  9. The foggy pics are extraordinary!
    Ah, and I always like to see my friend Frodo, he's so cute...


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