first february sunday

finally - sunny sunday!


  1. do you remember that stupid-sunday-chanson by hana hegerova? - today was really different...
    i like the second image - not only because of the light...

  2. oh joy, sunshine!

    we had no sun, but no rain either so i managed to do a little tidying in the garden.

    it makes me smile inside to know every day gets lighter. i hope you have more sun through the week.

  3. Hello,
    you took two wonderful plant-photos here. The tree is looking monumental the way you photographed him, but I think it's not a huge one at all?
    And the below photo has great light and a very strange sculptural plant.

  4. Cally:I feel much better too, when the days are getting longer and lighter.
    Karin:The plant on the below photo is absolutly strange.I have got it from somebody and nowbody knows its name.


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