flower dolls

When I saw the wonderful knight´s castle on karin´s blog I recalled the nice time, when I and Dorka used to make these flower dolls. It´s few years ago and I miss it. I think this year we have to replay it.


  1. They are so wonderful. I like very much how you used every part of the flower and the grass-belt that holds the flower-skirt :)
    Is the horse they are riding on made of carton?
    You should replay!!

  2. I love dolls, especially flower dolls. they're almost alive. :)

  3. Flower dolls?! I never saw anything so creative, smart and beautiful in my life!
    As J said, they are almost alive.

  4. so great. I love the horse as well.

  5. Beautiful pictures and SO inspiring ideas - Thank you !

  6. these dolls make me think of that song "tiny dancer"!
    I love the slight gestural quality of them, and the fading sensibility that happens with our little ballarina dancers!

    Thanks for yesterday's comment, too. I had a glass of wine toast, but hours later! On the blog, there is so much to learn. Today, the sky is a soft gentle blue with big puffy buiscut like clouds, and its like spring; a sweet wind! Inside and outside! And in me.

  7. Sweet, sweet dolls, wish there was summer, we could play.


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