hello sun

don´t be shy!

Pecha Kucha Night Prague
some of the participants from yesterday
Michal Gabriel
Jiří Pelcl
Luděk Rýzner
Robert V.Novák
Lucie Svobodová


  1. Beautiful picture, so espiritual and dark.

  2. what exactly is pecha kucha. i saw it several times and i didn't find any ... description.

  3. What an AMAZING picture!

  4. What fun to go away for a few days and come back to lots of great posts to catch up on! This Pecha Kucha Night event is happening in Cambridge on Friday...what a small world to find out about an event happening in my city by way of your blog! I love your illustrations in the previous post, especially the wild boar and the ladybug. Hope the sun will shine tomorrow for you :).

  5. Andrea,
    Thank you so much for your kind comments! I found your blog very inspirational as well! Let's stay in touch...

    Best wishes,
    Jennifer Perry

  6. a vona na ty pe�aku�e byla? uz i v Blave mame pe�uku�u- bude 20.2.

  7. dusi, ja myslela pecha kucha ,vono to nebere c s hackem.Vona je tak in, az to neni hezky.a bude se stresovati, ze toho ma malo a chtela by jeste nejakej kurzik elerningu.

  8. duši, 20.2. to je přeci dneska!! ale hezky se vám to napsalo, s těma kosočtverečkama. o to kdybych se snažila, tak to neudělám

  9. this is one of those photos you see in movies when they "try" to show God! It's amazing... i tried to photo the sky yesterday and got this big sun in my eye! I thought myself Dumb-dumb!:)

  10. you can just hear the chorus singing when you look at that photograph. did you take it? it's beautiful!


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