how can I work

with this little creature, sleeping on my legs?

the other "small creatures" were jealous, so I have to post them too.....


  1. a true leader will encourage all soldiers to help in the task at hand!!

  2. At least he's quiet and steady... My little girls always want to hang around close to me when I'm drawing. And they can't help being too lively! Now I draw at night. But the creature you have... He looks so cute while sleeping... And so harmless...

  3. Thank you!!
    You look so happy with your animals--so lucky! I always wanted a horse...

    :-) Jenn

  4. mansuetude:thanks for the advice :-)
    esti: be happy, time passes so quickly, it is like yesterday, whwn my daughter was small too. And now, she is something between a child and somebody whom I don´t know
    Jennifer:thank you , but the happy person on the picture is not me, that is one of my little ( big) creatures - that is my daughter :-))!!

  5. did you add the other photos since last night? Your daughter is so adorable--i recognize her from the drawing of you in the bath; a likeness! great dog shot of motion.

  6. these animals are so special! I also just learned you have a daughter. :)

  7. your daughter is beautiful. :)

    is that another dog? you have two?

  8. mansuetude: yes, I post them later, on. I felt guilty, that I am showing just Frodo.
    j: yes, we have two dogs. The yellow one is 11 years old lady. Unlike Frodo, she doesn´t like to be photomodel :-)

  9. I always love your animal pictures. It's my dream to live with dogs and horses.


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