installations day 2

Today somebody was working, somebody was relaxing....
Bought wonderful book from Alberto Manguel
On the top photo - T.Konietsche artists book


  1. Anonymous2/12/2008

    Nice dog! Nice blog! Post some pictures of the installation when it's all up, please.

  2. Ohhh, Wonderful, beautiful colours through this post. I love your blog

  3. am fascinated by that top photo, want to reach in and hold it. That book looks intense, full of literary connections.

    I woke up an hour ago and am ready already for a Frodo snooze (my pillow). Perhaps I will pretend i am getting the flu ?? Its going around the comment pages. Can u catch it there?

    Ps. Who has the sun today?

  4. Would love to have a look at the books on the table, seem to be very nice.
    mansuetude: our whole family has a little bit the flu too :)
    It's really epidemic.

  5. Relaxing on a beautiful floor, it looks nice. And good luck with your work!

  6. Dusi jak ja ji obdivuji- I admire you.Jak vona to stiha?

  7. Hello Frodo my friend! I am always so happy to see you!

  8. esti:is it o.k? I am sorry, I couldnt take better pictures of the books under the glass
    christine: thank you!
    mansuetude:I already wrote it to Camilla. I wouldn´t be against a small flu. Spend a few days in the bed with tea, books and Frodo sounds wonderful to me.
    Karin: I hope in the end of the exhibition I will have time to go through all these books and to make some better pictures.
    marie-louise:he is relaxing everywhere - happy dog!
    dusinka: když se chce, všechno de!
    mary-laure:and he likes to be admired ( like every man)


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