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  1. very lovely! The nests look like they have a lone abstract figure on both sides, too. I love the tones you use...is there a reason? The color palette? Its so like earthen metal to me!

    Its a bit grey and rainy (ice is feared) and it is nice to see these!

  2. these are very beautiful..

  3. mansuetude, the abstract figures are small birds bodies. I love blurred, pointed ( not bright,not strong ) colours. For me it is more intimate and sensitive? Sometimes I use a little bit clearer and stronger colours in my drawings, but not in the prints.

  4. Andrea, hi! Wow, great works. The nest with hiding birds inside and two
    at the side of it is so lovely and full of secrets. And I like that the loner has such a dark shadow. How did you make the originals of these prints?

  5. hello! I really like this, very nice work!

  6. my first visit in over a week, such a treat to see these prints with their subtle tones and beautiful repetition which appeals to the textile designer in me.

    also very nice of you to share the great work from your old university.

    best of all, i loved your daughter's drawing. it's so good to see young, fresh art. even better to see new friends relaxing in the bath, ha ha, but not to see too much! she clearly has your artistic talent, you must be very proud of each other. i like the tiles around the edge of your bath.

  7. Thank you everybody.
    Karin: the prints are originals 1/1, not as usually.
    Cally:I think, that she is much better, than I was in her age.I just hope, that she will be happy with this gift and that she will work on it.

  8. are you etching? or are they dry points? It's hard to distinguish on the screen. black, grey and white - so nice. Gives me lust to work in that subtle way again. It's been mostly strong colours for me lately in my prints.

  9. These prints of yours, they are so very beautiful. Such arresting images.

    take care,

  10. these are BEAUTIFUL! really beautiful.


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