sunny february

I like these sunny days and the feeling that the days are longer and lighter, but honestly I would like to have black and white February - silent with snow and with the drawings from footprints and slots.
Joel Sartore - wonderful photographic work


  1. Oh, lucky you to see the sun! What amazing photos, especially the fragile nature series, love the kid on topof the crocodile :)

  2. yes, the snow,,,
    what is a slot"?
    I would rather have the snow, but then it is only a dream of the desire for white and purity... how long does that last on earth?

    Your color is haunting.
    those tones!!!

  3. beautiful pictures. the second one reminds me of a painting.

    Andrea, I was tagged to choose five bloggers who "make my day", and I chose you. you've already fulfilled this tag, so this is just to say thank you for this lovely, peaceful blog so full of inspiration.

  4. Bibbi: we have really nice, sunny days now, I can´t believe it is February
    mansuetude:slots I found in the dictionary as an animal footprint.
    j:thank you very much for " make my day", it is nice from you!

  5. ...if i ever hunt a wolf or moose, i will follow his "slots" in the snow and mud. :)

    (how do you make a silly smile if you are wearing glasses??)

  6. mansuetude: how do you know, that I am wearing glasses? :-)
    maybe %)

  7. you make me laugh so much!!!

    I peek in the wind and it tells me--! Love your answer...i don't even know why i asked it...just that i want to find new ways of making silly smiles.

    The sun is in my eye now. perhaps i will work with sunglasses now.

  8. the shadows, the colors, the sense of calm in these photos...so nice!

  9. It's been sunny in Paris too! At LAST! It makes me so happy to see blue skies.

  10. Hi Andrea,
    the shadows here are fantastic!
    And you're right I miss snow too!
    I like it very much when the weather is seasonal.


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