textbook illustrations

These are some pieces from the childern´s textbook, I am working on.
Found one of my favourite books ( Můj medvěd Flóra) via here


  1. Lovely! I just love the little squirrel and the smile on the boar's face...

  2. Nice work! and BTW thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. I really appreciate it.

  3. good day, ms andrea!

    you are so full of many complicated layers--i love your little boy. Do you think he minds that we watch him in the shower???

    Looking at these makes me want to imagine a world of adventures for him! I love the water rain then shower.
    Are the animals his friends?

  4. Dear mansuetude - yes I am full with too much layers. Sometimes I think I could write a manual " How to complicate your life in few easy steps :-)! "
    Step number one: instead of sitting at the table and working on the illustrations, go and have a fun at Pecha Kucha night.
    If you are interested, next time I will tell you step number two.
    This boy - his name is Dan, is a small exhibitionist (like some other small kids), so he doesn´t mind.
    The ladybird and squirrel are his friends. The hedgehog is a loner and the boar is to much crafty, to be somebody´s friend.

  5. ohh andrea!!! I am also a genius at living to make my life complicated in a few easy steps!! We could write the manual together! Everyone would love it.

    what is Pecha Kucha night? It sound like hookchie koochie or something made up in a fantasy... :)

    Step number 2 might be starting a blog...! Ha!

  6. Lovely illustrations!! I love the expressions of the animals. very tender.. Im surprised that you liked that book!I got it in Prague. I fell in love with the amazing images and had to get it although I don't understand a word of what's written there.. I have to go back to Prague. There were many other books I found beautiful but couldn't get all of them. Too heavy to carry around..

  7. Anonymous2/18/2008

    Two little ones and four from the animal kingdom... surely equals six beautiful, good things you have drawn.
    Loving that hedgehog best of all.
    take care, grache

  8. the expression on the little boy's face, as he looks up at the rain, is so sweet.

    the squirrel is adorable- he looks a little concerned about something. and I love hedgehogs. we don't have them in the US, but I'm a big fan of Beatrix Potter's Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle.

  9. Thank you all for the comments. I still do have more than 60 small illustrations before me and the deadline is in the middle of March...
    mansuede: Yes!! to the step number 2.
    Number 3 - make a lot of things in the same time.
    yasu: when I will have a time I can translate the book for you, if you want ( not perfectly, but you could know, what is it about.

  10. me too! i want you to translate that book! I loved the dreamy photos. I can help with any stuck english places...:)

    ohh... Number 3 is my speciality! :)
    and Number 4...is offering to translate a children's book... or help with the english..:)

    Na zdravi!

  11. Yes, I would love o hear about the characters! Complicity (is that a word?) can be beautiful!

  12. the boar! or pig? such a good natured little one! they are all adorable though, who could choose?


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