there and back 2

Wednesday - Prague railway-station at 6 o´clock in the morning

and Thursday, the way back home


  1. ...and it is great to have new friends, too! :-)

  2. My first time in Prague was 6 in the morning, one quiet summer morning, only me, one Japanese tourist and the man sweeping the streets awake. It was the most beautiful morning ever experienced. But maybe you are too used to so much beauty :)

  3. I love thinking of the stillness of the countryside while the train passes through.
    I'm afraid I don't see the picture of Prague's railway station...
    The other pictures are simply beautiful.

  4. I forgot to say that Christine tagged me and I've tagged you for a picture of your workplace, if you mind to play.

  5. Ah Prague! I spent a few days there in 1987, on my way from Beijing to Paris by train - yes, really!
    I loved the city.

  6. marie-laure, Prague 1987 was very different from Prague today, thanks God, 1987 is gone..


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