there and back again

Because the new semestr already started, I will travel every week for two days to Hradec Králové , where I am teach. This is how it looks on the railway station at 6 o´ clock in the morning.
These wonderful earings I have got as a present from my colleagues. Everybody who knows my book Na habří will understand, how nice this present is for me. Thank you Dushinka, Zuzka and Maja.
And this is my way back home, pictures taken from the train. I always want to read or draw in the train, but mostly I fall asleep in few minutes.
wonderful jewellery kyeok kim via here


  1. Anonymous2/15/2008

    Which fantastic book with the rabbits. Is it only in a copy or can I buy it?
    Hope that you will enjoy with the travels and your new job.

  2. Your photos are like a dream from a book, Andrea.
    Lucky, to have good friends, too. I say to you, with Na zdravi! And Peace.

  3. I'm definetely smitten but those pictures. Oh the beauty of life passing in front of our eyes! And so different one from another... Please, do not fall asleep on the train before taking such great pictures and post them!

  4. The rabbits are very nice :))
    Your landscape photos are fantastic.

  5. marie-louse:this book is made in five exemplars (every one is a little bit different) Four of them are still here in my studio, ready for sale :-)
    the job is already old, new is just a semester.
    mansuetude:it is nice, when the friends are the colleagues too.
    esti: I will try as much as I can :-), but I can´t promise. It is always stonger, than my will.
    karin: thank you


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