unexpected present

yesterday I met my former professor of history of art. And I have got a nice present of her - a book, that she wrote about czech artist Josef Lada ( 1887 - 1957 ). Generations grew out with his illustrations and some of his pictures are best known as Christmas and Easter postcards.


  1. good morning.

    Am enjoying your images. The top one especially, with the language (i can't read) teaches me about facial expressions. I can understand so much; the universal look on the goat... the puffed up bird in lower corner. I like to think we might all, world wide, be expected to understand enough, enough to get along. ?

    I wonder if we ever got Josef Lada here in the states? I'm drinking morning coffee, and already my mind asks so much about life. You're a good teacher! * )

  2. I am pleased, you like him. He made perfect animal characters.
    I am drinking my evening Lambrusco :-)


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