workplace - workspace

I was tagged by Esti, to show my my workplace. Actually I have two. The top photo is upstairs - from our flat and it is the space - place for the "clear work". The bottom photo is from downstairs - from my graphic studio - place for the "dirty work".
I would like to tagg : Heather , mansuetude , Jill and Yasu. I hope they will continue.


  1. What nice spaces. Thanks for tagging me, Andrea! What fun :)...I'm having such a lazy snow day, so it was easy to find time to play.

  2. Andrea- oh how fun! I'm happy to play; perhaps tomorrow I can post something. Thanks for thinking of me!
    your 'dirty' space looks as clear as your clear space to me! I always like seeing people's workplaces, don't you?

  3. they are both nice spaces, but the bottom looks more fun- brushes and pencils and lots of things in boxes

  4. Hello Andrea,
    Fun to see your workplace! I can’t find your E-mail. I have wonderings over the price on the beautiful book that I asked about earlier. I want to buy one…

  5. Hi Marie - Louise,
    I am very, very glad. My e-mail is: andrea.tachezy@centrum.cz

  6. So great to see, Andrea. I was so very curious. Your space looks like a good, productive space to settle in.

    see you, g

  7. Oh I like the picture you have attached to the wall in the right corner of your top photo. Very nice workplaces, they seem. And two of them! Wow, that'd be perfect!


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