frodo on the red carpet

Another drawing from my daughter Dorothy.


  1. Your daughter is so talented! Just like her mother!

  2. Jill took the words from my mouth :) I love Frodo bathing in the red carpet sea...
    Entering your blog is like entering a completely different dimension, Andrea. My "dimension" is way too different and it is o soothing to come to this blog and spy on all that you do and see with your eyes... Tender and relaxing world, peaceful and full of beatiful visions.
    It is really so exceptional to me to be able to do this "artist watching" from a distance, be it this blog or the blogs of your friends - in my life after life I shall wish to be able to live the same way and see the same things rather than rush through the life the way I do now. You all do make me think a great deal.
    Thank you for all the thoughts...to Andrea and her family most of all! :)
    P.S. I do have a bottle of lambrusco in my pantry...waiting for yours and Dorotka's visit? ;) Ehm, OK I get lemonade for Dee... :)

  3. wow thats really impressive!!
    how old is your daughter?

  4. Bravo, Dorothy! You are very talented - I guess you take after your artistic mother...
    Viva Frodo!

  5. that IS a stunning drawing!

  6. Wow! This is very good and creative.. how old is she?

  7. Thank you all.Dorothy is 13 and I she is much better, than I was in her age :-)
    She will be happy, when she will read your comments. (the way how to practice her English, because I will not translate, ha ha )

  8. I'm totally stunned by this drawing. What a talent! Put her to work in her art right now!! ;D

  9. Dorothy is a wonderful artist. (Hi Dorothy! :) )

    I look forward to seeing more of her work.

    Dorothy got him to stay like that? A pretty good dog trainer too. ;)

  10. She's got it! How old is she?


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