from my school cabinet

No pictures from the train this week, just from the school...


  1. jeeeeeee, to je ale milej pelisek...asi pujdu haji, kdyz to vidim :-)) a kdopadk to sezral puntikovanyho ptacka???? :-))

  2. I like the second picture a lot. A skull with... ?? And on the third one, that piece on the wall is great!!! Thanks for these nice hints of your school life.

  3. Are you getting a nap place at school? i love the feather blur in your second photo--wonder how old that skull is, what kind of life it lived, did it love? What kind of feathers?

    hope your weather is good.

  4. The top photo looks warm and inviting.

    The centre picture is beautiful with thte combination of hard and soft, plain and patterned.

    The third is a classic Andrea with it's interest and it's muted tones, which I always enjoy.

  5. The feathers are from a guinea - hen and I have got them from a student.The skull I use in the drawing lessons. And yes, I have there a place for taking nap - because I spend there two days, so I have to sleep there.


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