smolíček pacholíček

do you have also this fairy-tale about the small boy, who used to live in the forrest together with the deer, who had a golden horns?


  1. Not as far as I know. But I wish we had some living in the forest nearby.

  2. Beautiful.

    Not many forests near my house. Not many deer around this area either.

    What a fortunate boy!

  3. I don't know this fairy tale either, but I love this illustration! I'm guessing it's one of your's Andrea. We do get to see deer in the summer when we visit my husband's parents. The deer come right up on the lawn and nibble the crab apples off the trees...and sometimes eat out of the vegetable garden too.

  4. ...that boy looks really happy to know that deer!

    my whole life, reindeer and antlers have only associatiuns with Shamanism. Maybe from books of American Indian drawings--

    Gold, it has association with King Midas story. Everything he touched turned to gold, and he touched his daughter, and she turned to gold. Surrounded by metal, cold and impersonal *wealth* he wept for love.

  5. I've read that story when I was a little girl - but I read fairytales from all around the world ... so you can't be sure it excists "here" (Sweden)

  6. Anonymous3/06/2008

    Not as far as I know... I very much wish I did. It looks and sounds beautiful.

  7. Anonymous3/06/2008

    I'm not familiar with that one...I had somewhat of a fascination with fairy tales as a child. From the illo it looks like it must be a sweet tale...can you share it with us?

  8. Lovely illustration!
    I read on A Cup of Jo today that Audrey Hepburn (my idol) used to keep a pet deer, too!


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