sunday on the farm

Here has the time some other dimension... And this is the place where I always forget about the everyday haste and stress. The other place is here


  1. i love what you write, andrea. its true for us all, we look for a place where we can (if even for a moment) remmeber our own own timeless self--the center of now where we are most soul (part of all).
    its a source, a well-spring, a healing to reach into it, always.

    thanks for this!

  2. In my dreams I'd have a similar place to go to, house in the country with horse stables.. where time stops.

  3. yes, it looks very peaceful. I'ld like to go there too.

    There is something about cats when they sleep - they seem like they are enjoying it, taking pleasure out of it ... not just recovering!

  4. these three shots are fabulous.
    i love their earthy tones.
    the sweet kitty looks like mine!

  5. i can understand why this place takes your mind away from stress and haste. just looking at the photo's has made me feel calm inside.

    (i keep trying but the word verification won't let me post this comment, apologies if it suddenly appears 8 times)


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