sunday, sunday...

among work and animals


  1. lovely photos.

    top photo, that white goat and the deep shadow is wonderful. such depth to the image.

    the mother and baby photo is perfect :)

  2. i love this white guy, and his goutee... does it grow by his age like wisdom? and, the second photo, the tenderness of animals, is always so stunning. Thanks.

  3. The first two pics are tender, but I like the bottom one better. That stone lion has such a sad face...

  4. Anonymous3/31/2008

    What wonderful billy goats.

  5. Goat on top looks so intensive & alive, that I can almost feel and smell it!

  6. Anonymous3/31/2008

    Those ears!

    Goats are wonderful creatures, aren't they?

  7. Beautiful photos...I especially like the top two goat pictures. Is this your farm Andrea?

  8. I love goats, I love their clever and cunning faces. The small guy is 14 days old.
    esti: I like this lion too, sometimes I feel just like he looks :-)
    jill: no it is not my farm.I live almost in the centre of Prague. This farm is 40 minutes by bus from my flat and it is the place where is the stable with my old horse.

  9. Hola from Uruguay!

    I love that goat... It looks so funny, with the goatee! A lot of personality, that beast.
    Animals make me so happy!


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