today morning

we had a nice, sunny and frosty morning walk


  1. See , dogs have that something. And dog pictures always make me smile!

    It's nice to see a change in the weather, right?

  2. he's taking his modeling career seriously

  3. I've been forgetting my promise to help with the English lessons, but I only forgot because your English is so good.

    But I have noticed one thing, you say 'today morning'. I love the way you say it that way. In English we say 'this morning' (it would be the same for this evening, this week, this year etc.) English is a strange language, I don't know why we don't say today morning because we do say yesterday morning and tomorrow morning.

  4. Thank you Cally so much for the compliment :-) and for the advice.
    From now - always - This morning!


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