in the morning and in the afternoon

In the morning we had nice, but rainy walk.

And in the afternoon, the postman brought this wonderful book, I bough on Aukro ( it is like e-bay ). It is a little bit destroyed, but I don´t mind. Isn´t the pig funny?
Tomorrow I am going to Slovakia, I am visiting our associated university. So see you on Saturdy or Sunday.


  1. Have a nice trip!

  2. ooohhh ;) i think the earth is collapsing under that delicious looking swine.

  3. Wow...this book is amazing. The foxes capture my imagination...one of my favorite books as a child was about a family of foxes. Have a great trip to Slovakia...maybe you will treat us to some pictures?

  4. I love the way you justaposed the pic of Frodo in the forest and the illustration from the book; it's wonderful how they seem to echo each other.
    The book looks amazing!!! The animals are so expressive.

  5. Anonymous4/10/2008

    Those illustrations, and that style in general, never cease to make me smile.

    Have a good and merry trip, g xo


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