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Dear mansuetude,
this is the rest of the found treasure number I. I think it is about five years ago, we went away from Prague for the weekend. It was a hot day and the traffic in the city was really bed. So we just pass the city frontiers and had to stop - our daughter couldn´t wait till the first gas station and restroom.
We found a small, lost road, between some field and a small forrest. And there, under the bush, in the grass, we found all these small treasures ( plus the bracelet). Such a strange mix of things. Maybe there were more things on that place before we came there? I think,that somebody bought an old house and I threw all the old things away. And this was a part of it.


  1. Dear Andrea:

    thank you. you are kind to tell me more. it is indeed a fascinating mixuture of elements--i look at them and wonder. I wonder how somone might not have thrown them out, but collected each one for a personal reason; memorable for a specific day, each a key to an hour of a life--to meaning.

    I asked too, because remember, America is a young place; not like your land. I had thought of an interview of hearing Eli Wiesel (do you know his work)? He spoke of hiding treasures under a tree --here is what he said;

    ""When the American soldiers came and liberated the camp, they first cried when they saw what was happening there. Then they started cursing, really cursing at all humanity, and their curses were like prayers."

    "In 1995, I went back to Sighet, the city where my family lived when the war began. I saw the train station, and I went back to the house where we lived. It was late at night when I went through the gate. It had the same squeak I remembered as a child. The night before we knew we were going to be taken away, we each buried something. I buried the gold watch my grandfather had given me for my Bar Mitzvah. I remembered how I had buried it under a certain tree. I dug with my hands and found it there. It was dirty, and I brushed off the dirt. Then, I do not know why, but I put it back, and covered it again. It is still there."

    it is about ww II and a link to this here; http://www.amazon.com/review/product/B00007KE60?showViewpoints=1

    I have never seen those small boxes with icons inside them; it is somethin i will look at some more. thanks for sharing, you feed my imagination. :)

  2. the little yellow babies have caught my eye. i like the way you have displayed all your finds, Andrea.

  3. Anonymous6/02/2008

    Such treasure you found!
    So perfect all together.
    Happy Monday, g xx

  4. Nice reading! And I like the composition.

  5. Andrea,
    i keep loving this treasure. i think it has magic properties. :)

  6. This is a very nice collection :D

  7. this is a real treasure, so beautiful :) love the babies, and and the broach <3


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