new shelves

I have got new shelves and spend almost the all sunday reorganizing things...


  1. Looks good! Beautiful & organized.. I just wrote about lazy Sunday into my post, even though I spent three hours cleaning up the attic in the morning.. So we both had industrious Sundays..

  2. Best thing is to organize your stuff :D
    Looking good

    And thanks for visiting on FruensWerk, Andrea...
    I´ll drop in on your site again soon...a bit late right now
    See you :D

  3. I procastrinate a lot. I always seem to find a lot of better things to do than organizing stuff.
    Love all those pencils,brushes... in tin vases.

  4. Anonymous5/05/2008

    I love your rabbit!

  5. I'd like to touch every single shell, stone, brush, pencil... and the rabbit. Reorganizing things is always fun!

  6. lovely stuff on your shelf. the little rabbit and the old print and shells look lovely together.

  7. Anonymous5/05/2008

    It all looks so wonderful and linked by colour. I love arranging shelves new or otherwise as well.
    see you, g

  8. i am envious. me messy right now. :)

    there is a sort of "color" thing going on, even in your studio, that hue that makes me think of you.

    hope you're well, loved your flowers on older post, too. Hi to Frodo.

  9. I love those pictures of your studio shelves. All those brushes, all those pencils... It's beautiful.

    I love reorganizing!

  10. Your shelves look beautiful and very organized...I love all the interesting objects mixed in with your tools. Such calm restful pictures.

  11. That looks organised! I love lotus fruits :)

  12. i love organizing shelves, but i always do it when i have something else important that i am avoiding. your tins of drawing materials look wonderfully full.


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