on this sunny Thuersday

among a lot of ordinary things, I watched the world through an old glass,

killed one dangerous insect

and took a picture of the sleepy horse.
And tomorrow I am leaving the city till Sunday.So, see you then.


  1. oh such beautiful wonderful photos you take!! I am breathless...
    and thank you so much for your nice comment on my blog!

  2. Have a good weekend!

  3. That blue-black inky hued horse - what a beauty!

    I adore these recent photos and your words.

    see you, g

  4. yes, a beautiful horse.

    we have fighting bees at my husband's shop- very large and just looking for trouble.

    have a wonderful weekend, Andrea

  5. Did you take the picture of the bee? It's AMAZING!
    That little insect is a work of art.

    Is the horse ok? I thought horses slept standing up and never lay down unless they're sick...
    He's very beautiful. As you know, I adore horses.

  6. Have a good trip:)
    (loved the story of your dream the other day:))

  7. Thank you all for your nice comments and wishes for the weekend.
    j: this insect was a really huge vespid.Brrr!
    Mary-Laure: some horses are sleeping standing and some of them lying.
    Most of the horses I know are sleeping lying.This one is 7 years old big "baby" lying most of the time like this and sleeping during the day.

  8. that horse is so colored; it glows blue out of its darkness. Reminds me my sister was so in love with "Black Beauty" the horse/story when we were young.

    love that hunk of glass
    i met three spiders (x spiders) :) this weekend.


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