elephant and ant - for Yasu

Few months ago, Yasu mentioned this book from one of my favourites authors, Daisy Mrázková.
This is another one from her - about a friendship among an elephant, ant and a small squirrel.
click on the picture to see it bigger.


  1. also an elephant1
    happy coincidences...?

    I should see if I could find the book here in Sweden.

  2. It looks so interesting...
    And it is so wonderful with nice books.

  3. then it's got to be a good story with that sweet combination of animals.

    thank you for visiting my 'quiet' world today andrea :)

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog!
    I don't remember have i ever leave a comment before in your blog but i have been here few times just looking! and i like your photos very much! those morning walk photos are so great!

  5. ohh thank you Andrea! the book seems really beautiful.the colours, the intense lines..love her work..I only wish i could understand czech! I need to go to prague again:)

  6. beautiful illustrations. i like the dress the squirrel is wearing in the first picture!


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