I ( Frodo) was tagged by mansuetude
6 things I like, so here we go:
1.eat,eat, eat.....
2.sleep in Andrea´s bed
3.play with my dog girlfriends Katcha and Akela
4.watch through the window
5.steal socks and let enybody try to catch me
6.play a jumping game with Dorothy


  1. You have a nice life, Frodo :)
    I have a small dog in my bed too.

  2. Andrea and Frodo! Thanks for visiting my garden and leaving a nice comment there. Let´s eat, sleep, play and jump!

  3. Frodo my dear, you look marvelous!

    Frodo, I bet you let Andrea think its her bed; but you really let her sleep in Your bed.

    I think I think you are just now sitting on a pile of stolen socks. :)

    thanks for playing. I would throw you a buiscut but someonehereisgobbling it up. (he sleeps under the bed). :)

  4. Frodo, you are a cutie, and nice that you are (partly) back.

  5. It's great that you're back! And with Frodo, too. Oh, I love that dog, he has such expressive eyes.

  6. hi, you're lucky about growing up with the mole. we also have a book but cant read it!
    its truly amazing!!!!!!
    thanks for visiting our blog!
    veronik and mieke

  7. mansuetude: thanks, funally somebody who really understand´s how is it with that bed!
    mary-laure: these eyes are most expresive, when somebody is eating ( anything) :-)


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