rhodes animals

Some animals I met on Rhodes (including my daughter and her teddy bears.
The quality of some photos is not very high. The day before we left, I found out, that my camera is broken, so I had to take all the pictures with my mobile phone.
Thank you al,l for the comments from my last post. I am sorry I still didn´t visit your blogs and leave a comment. I am under a big time pressure, because I haven´t done on Rhodes as much work as I wanted ( of course), so now I am working from the morning till the morning :-)


  1. such sweet photos! im sorry that you are working day and night. i hope you wont be too stressed and have some relaxing time too!good luck, andrea:)

  2. blue and white
    white and blue

    remember to breathe! :)
    (that´s what my dad used to say)

  3. teddy bears for your daughter is so sweet... you always seem to catch (with your camera, I mean) animals on your way

  4. Too bad you are so busy. But that must have meant you took time to enjoy your holiday while you were away, and that is kinda great:)
    Wonderful pictures (and I'm amazed by your mobile picture quality). The colours make me want to get on a plane to Greece right now. And your daughter looks very beautiful:-)

  5. the sky is so blue! and that sleeping cat so sweet! Whenever you have finished your work, you can curl up like her and relax :) Good luck.

  6. Love the cat on the blue chair...and the dog shadow on the wall...lovely :D

  7. Anonymous9/17/2008

    Best of luck with all your work, and thank you for sharing these sweet photos of the local animal population of Rhodes. I hope I one day get to travel to there.

    see you, g

  8. Wonderful pictures, Andrea! That cat is to die for.
    But what did Frodo do while you were away?

    By the way, check out my new logo, which you and Frodo are welcome to use:

  9. lovely cats! and good luck with your work :)

  10. Anonymous9/19/2008

    I love all your photos from Rhodes.

  11. Relaxing, beautiful photos. Your daughter is so cute. I hope you find some time to relax & rest. My last weeks were reeaaally hectic & I ended up in bed, having a nasty flu. So don't you tire yourself too much. Take care!

  12. Anonymous9/21/2008

    Lovely clear sky. Don't forget sleeping, Andrea :)

  13. What a sweetie in the first pic! Just adorable :)

  14. Don't work too hard, you will destroy all the relax from the holiday :)
    Sweet photos.

  15. cute, cute animals!


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