three years ago

I wasn´t so bussy, like these days and Frodo came to our family.
Thank you for all your comments, I´m looking forward to see and read all your new posts ( after one more week of hard work)
look at the great work of Michaela Pavlátová


  1. We have a new member in the family, a small dwarf schnauzer puppy, now she is 12 weeks. The life with her is wonderful!

  2. Oh thank you for this post, I'm delighted to see Frodo as a pup when he joined you!

  3. you really are so lucky with that dog. it's definitly the cutest dog EVER!!!!

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  5. I love when dogs lie with all paws in the air!

    Our dog Asta often sleeps like this. She looks so vulnerable and at the same time totally safe and secure. Do wild dogs ever lie like this? I think not...

    Frodo is such a lovely dog!


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