how we used

to play, few years ago...
Have a nice weekend, maybe with a tea party?


  1. I had little doll dishes when I lived in the Czech Republic as a child...in those days, when things were so difficult to get, they were a prized posession. It was just one of the beloved things we had to leave behind to an unknown fate.

  2. hey you
    i love these... do they have names? what about that loose cookie... who bit it?

  3. I love this playful teaparty! Very Alice in Wonderland...

  4. very sweet! i love the lemur (?) wearing a blue dress :)

  5. raining sheep: yes, I remeber those times very well. And I can´t imagine all those feelings - to left so many things and friends here...
    mansuetude: yes, all of them have names.From the top: in the pink dress - cat Květa = Flora, black dog = Frodo, redand black striped cat= Moura,and the lemur is Maschenka. I don´t remeber the others who came to the party :-) And somebody bit the cookie, but guess who ate it?

  6. Maschenka... i love that name. who ate the bitten cookie and who ate the absent part...

    Does he sleep in your bed.
    Or does he let you sleep in his bed?

    Do his eyes ask for ham?

    Hmmm... i scratch my head.... hmmmm.... Time. Time ate the cookie, it eats all the cookies. ?

  7. Mansuetude: you almost get it! It could be time :-)


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