strange day

was yesterday. First I fell off our donkey looking horse.The beast just waited, till I was upright again and then he ran away.... After this action, I went to....
the dentist, which is always frightful for me. I am SO afraid - always.
In the afternoon I felt, like spending the whole day working as a miner - so tired and painful :-)
I hope you had a better Thuesday.


  1. poor boo boo! :)

    maybe he threw you off, cause you were fearful of going to the dentist... he didn't want to go with you :)

    Eat a cookie, sip a wine, :)

  2. Hope today was a better day.
    The donkey horse look a little grumpy indeed.

  3. you poor thing!
    this illustration is so sweet though...
    love the tooth detail.

  4. Ouch. I'm sorry you had a dreadful day. I hope you feel better now.
    (I love your drawing:)

  5. Oh boy, hope the rest of your week was better. I hate the dentist as well...it must be a left over from forced dental check ups while in school in the Czech Republic in 1969...the dentist was not a very nice person.

  6. Hope the rest of your week is much, much better. Your dentist trip sounds like no fun, though being thrown of a horse that looks like a donkey sounds very cool. Even if it did hurt at least it's more fun than mundane paperwork or something like that. But then again I speak as one who has never been thrown from a horse. xo lj

  7. oh! i know this was a bad day for you but it is really giving me smiles! i feel exACTly like that when i go to the dentist. yes, like working a whole day as a miner... that is the most perfect way to describe it.

    i found you at christine's blog and here i am... wanting to comment on everything. : )

    thank you for the smiles!

  8. Oh, I'm also scared to go to the dentist (sweet illustration though!), I must go there some day soon...

    Your horse is cute! I had one, same colour... It would be a pleasure to fell of her again..hehe.
    But she passed away some weeks ago. I miss her. She was old with a bad leg.

    We had so much fun when she lived..

    Give your horse a hug, say thank's that your'e alive. ;)

    Hope your day was better today. :)


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