today I tried

to organize some of my treasures. This is endless work, I have so many things, which I have to keep....
Sometimes I´m dreaming about to throw them away, but I can´t.
This sampler of yards I have got from my friend years and years ago.
How do you keep your treasures? Do you have some system? Or are you so brave and don´t keep them?


  1. This is so funny I have just started a tidy/sorting up in my office project, had new tiles on the floor...Now got this giant mess when all my stuff returned...So I have to look in all boxes and sort everything and get it in order...I often try to figure out a brilliant way to keep my things...But...often they end up in plastic boxes...Not the best solution though..
    So I´m in the same state as you...wont trow it out...but have so many things...Grrr...
    By 1.12.08 My room will be "cool"...me own deadline...

  2. oh. So beautiful.
    My grandfathers system was to buy a new house - to be able to store all his books

  3. Hi! Really a treasure and a wonderful colour palette.

  4. no system, just: treasures-giant mess-endless work-boxesboxesboxes...

    to keep these treasures, isn´t it also respecting the past?

    yours is beautiful!

  5. I don't have many treasures... just a little bits of big mess here and there... ;)

  6. When we moved cities a year ago, I threw away, gave away and sold lots of stuff I had been collecting for years. I now dream of a life with one bag of necessities.

    But I enjoy looking at other peoples treasures :)

  7. thank you, andrea!
    i too love your pictures (and your dog). i'm sorry about the portuguese, it's always a dilemma because i can't decide if/when i should write in english so more people could read it. oh well :)

  8. alexandra - that´s a good idea, but little bit expensive :-)
    I think, I´ll stax with my boxes...,as ritva said.

  9. this is a treasure to keep.
    i dont have an answer to your problem. i suffer from the same :)

  10. what a lovely treasure!
    do keep it!


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