art semester

Today I visited my ex-university, to see the students exhibition. So here is a small show of their works.
F.Štorm director and lecture of the Type Design and Typography studio at the graphic catedra.



I hope, you will enjoy this picture. I have to smile everytime I look at it.
It was made by my daughter last year .
Title is: Mammy in the bath ( as you can see ).
mansuetude and Cally, thank you both very much!
Now, dear ladies, you can see, whom did you gave the award.
I think, now I will wait for a while, before I´ll send the award farther.

thank you too

Thank You

I recieved this from Christine yesterday and I was very pleased.

"You make my day-Award" works like this:
1. Write a post with links to 5 blogs that make me think and/or make my day.
2. Acknowledge the post of the award giver.
3. Display the "You Make my Day Award" logo with a link to the post that I wrote. (Optional)
4. Tell the award winners that they have won by commenting on their blogs with the news.

So I choose:

Thank you Christine , I agree with you. It is not easy to choose just five names!
And I hope, Cally will go on, when she will be back.


Karin´s tag

I was tagged by Karin
"Show me a special something (if you like),
some thing that is important or beautiful or meaningful or full of
memories for you - or all of that - and tell me about it."
It was really not easy to chose. On one side , I try not to be depend on things, on the other side I like some of them a lot. So it was a question - what to choose?
My favourite coffe cup, an old, small pocket knife, old teddy bear found on the see side?
So, here is, what I chose:
My old and beloved graphic needle. It is one of my first graphic tools and it is with me everywhere I go (with the possibility to work).
The stones I like, because they are nice and especially, because I found them with my daughter and husband, when we were on a trip. So they are connected with nice memories. One of these stones is also in the ring - which is enough massive, that I can´t destroy it.
And because I think, this is a nice question I am going to use and I tag:
Camilla, Erin, Mary - Laure
I hope, they will continue.


what makes my day better

New bought flower ( it smells so sweet), a nice peace of chocolate ( can´t belive, that I didn´t eat it as a child) , small present ( old buttons ) and finally - discovering some important papers, which I couldn´t find for weeks.


graphic art

When I saw the art of Heather Smith Jones and read what Cally wrote about pinehal art, I had to think about my favourite graphic artist Alena Kučerová.
She is printing from metal dies, where the drawing is made by holes.
I love her work, unfortunately she closed her graphic work few years ago.



Today I was partly working - on the illustrations for childern´s textbook with the aid of coffee and chocolate cookies .
In the afternoon we visited Iva and Petr


looking forward

New weekend is coming and we are looking forward. Have a nice days and enjoy everything what will they bring!


spring in the air

Today, before lunch I brought these prints from the studio. And in the afternoon, I heard, after a long time, the birds singing.

Ivo Sedláček is working with me on the artists book exhibition. It will start in February.


bad start, good end

I think, everybody knows these days. I woke up late, so I wanted to use the car. But it didn´t want to collaborate. Probably because I forgot to switch off the lights on monday :-(
So I took the bus, already in haste, and went to take care of the horse. But instead of a nice red - haired horse, I found this:
But, then in the afternoon, I visited one bookstore and I found this big, fantastic helper for my english! I know, there is a lot of new, good made books for learning languages, but this one is unique! I hope, my english will be much better!



I love this photo - it´s my husband´s grandgrandfather and his grandmother as a child. I like the atmosphere in this picture very much.
This is a very good publishing Baobab


Important information

In the next days may happen, that you will not find me here ( it will be under construction).
So, please go on http://www.andreatachezyova.blogspot.com/ , or be indulgent and wait some days. Thank you!

where is the sun?

I like this blurred colors, when the outlines are disappearing. For a moment we could hope, we will see the sun today. But it was just a joke :-(
Unfortunately I haven´t seen Alena Matějková exhibition



This is an apolgy for my english. I feel shy, that my english is so primitiv and with many mistakes. But.... In my opinion, more people will understand better my bad english , than my perfect czech :-) Thank you!


studio details

Today I wanted to clean my studio.Instead of it, I took some photographs....


something new

I have a new friend. His name is: calocephalus, but he has a perfect czech name: KRASOHLÁVEK, it is something like Beatifulhead :-)
This is for everybody who loves softies Tereza Neumanová


Lenka and her studio

on our way back from Dresden, we visited Lenka and her studio in the house on Mělník. It is a wonderfull old house, with beautifull view.