workplace - workspace

I was tagged by Esti, to show my my workplace. Actually I have two. The top photo is upstairs - from our flat and it is the space - place for the "clear work". The bottom photo is from downstairs - from my graphic studio - place for the "dirty work".
I would like to tagg : Heather , mansuetude , Jill and Yasu. I hope they will continue.

one rainy day

Partly from the bus, partly from the garden. Last February rain...
For grey, rainy days samorost game


back home

first night

before a tobogan trip...

a foggy trip

dog´s life at the hotel

befor going home
I am back home, after 3 foggy and partly rainy ( but anyway amazing ) days.


a trip!

We are going on the trip. Hurray! Unfortunately I can spend just 3 days there, but I am looking so much forward. It is in Czech mountains, these photos are from May 2007.
A wonderful voice - Ridina Ahmed


there and back 2

Wednesday - Prague railway-station at 6 o´clock in the morning

and Thursday, the way back home


cold morning

I wish you nice days, I have to travel tomorrow, will be back on Friday. I will try not to fall asleep in the train and take some photos.


textbook illustrations

These are some pieces from the childern´s textbook, I am working on.
Found one of my favourite books ( Můj medvěd Flóra) via here



there and back again

Because the new semestr already started, I will travel every week for two days to Hradec Králové , where I am teach. This is how it looks on the railway station at 6 o´ clock in the morning.
These wonderful earings I have got as a present from my colleagues. Everybody who knows my book Na habří will understand, how nice this present is for me. Thank you Dushinka, Zuzka and Maja.
And this is my way back home, pictures taken from the train. I always want to read or draw in the train, but mostly I fall asleep in few minutes.
wonderful jewellery kyeok kim via here


before opening

So, this is how it looked right before the opening ( today in the afternoon). I hope, I will have time in the end of the exhibition, to make some better photografs and than to show some closer looks.
This is the list of authors:

Find BibliOdyssey via Book By Its Cover was like a present for me today.