for taking me with you.
It is nice, that I can see the world through your eyes ( Cally and Mary -Laure right now ), I travel with you sitting here at my computer.


from my sketch-book I.

black hole

I think, there must be some black hole in the blogger space, where my pictures are disappearing.
It was already for the second time, what something like this happened. Do you have some experience like this too?


what happened

with the Birthday roses? They spend all the time ( since Dorothy´s Birthday ) from October till now in the water. The top was dead, but the bottom lived his own live. And I hope, they will survive replanting to the flower-pot.


easter sunday

Sunday trip with jugendstil church, empty river dam, happy dogs, weather changes and some
findings. I hope you hade nice Easter.



sweet memories

Looking for something else, I found this photo - me at the age 8 ( approximately). I loved horses and all animals since I remeber.


sunday on the farm

Here has the time some other dimension... And this is the place where I always forget about the everyday haste and stress. The other place is here


police watch

Dorothy has a flu and she is bored. So she is reading, watching TV and....drawing. This drawing is called " Police watch" and it shows the cops in our street, sitting in their car, eating and watching the cars, how she see them sometimes on her way back home from the school.


women´s day present

This small friend made my daughter Dorothy as a Women´s day present for me. Thank you!


a strange day

Today is a strange day. Partly snowy, partly sunny and I feel tired...

so I think I need a small, friendly company!


smolíček pacholíček

do you have also this fairy-tale about the small boy, who used to live in the forrest together with the deer, who had a golden horns?

today morning

we had a nice, sunny and frosty morning walk