new book, new bag

some new things.... New book ( wonderful illustations made by K.Šachová ) , new bag and "old dog" :-)
Today I am celebrating 100 posts!


my dearest friend,

today is your Birthday!
You are already 20, so you are really a grown up boy. I can´t believe, it is already 8 years, we are spending together. And I will be always grateful for every moment with you. I wish you a lot of green grass, full manger and a lot of love ( which you already have).



If you will sometimes doubt about, how to eat an yogurt, here is a small instruction specially for you.


these days

These days I am spending as you can see - in the bed, with hot tea... Wish you a nice week


about hares

the small hares ( see rescue operation - April ) moved together with another one ( smaller) fellow to a shelter, specialized for hares. I hope I will now more on Monday.
I love this A.Dürer´s work.


peace and fight

sometimes it really hurts...and you should hear the sounds :-)
click to enlarge


tender traps I.

some new prints... Unfortunately the photos are not very good, but I will not have a possibility to make some better :-(


rescue operation

Today, Dorothy brought at home two wild, small hares. She caught them close to her school. Somebody destroied their roost with the grass - mower and they were running on the street.
So we put them into an old guinea-pig cage and in the afternoon, we went with them to an animal shelter. I hope they will survive!


slovakia mixture

Hi friends! I am back home from Slovakia. This is a mixture of things I have done and seen there - in Nitra and in Bratislava. In Bratislava I met a friend, whom I haven´t seen about 20 years... Ivan Csudai. Thank you Marienka for the nice time we had together!


in the morning and in the afternoon

In the morning we had nice, but rainy walk.

And in the afternoon, the postman brought this wonderful book, I bough on Aukro ( it is like e-bay ). It is a little bit destroyed, but I don´t mind. Isn´t the pig funny?
Tomorrow I am going to Slovakia, I am visiting our associated university. So see you on Saturdy or Sunday.



I was tagged by Karin few weeks ago. Because I already showed some part of my workspaces in February ( workplace - workspace ), today I want to show a bigger view into my cellar printing studio. It is a little bit dark, little bit wet, full of things and printing machines, but it is my kingdom.


blog of purpose award

I have got this nice award from Jill today. Thank you Jill, I am happy, that you like to come here.
And I send this award to:
Yasu - who is discovering wonderful book treasures for all of us and for herbrilliant drawings
Karin - for showing her small, friendly world and nice work
Cally - for her delicate art and great links
mansuetude - for the best written blog I read
Camilla -for her great art and because her blog makes everybody happy

1. You have to nominate 5 blogs, which haven't had this award before!

2. Each of the blogs must have a purpose!

3.The nominated blogs must make a link back to this page!

4. The logo from the award must be put on their blog and it must link back to this blog!

back home from the gallery

Today I brough home some of my prints from the birdy and rabbitry collection. They are mixed media - partly etching, partly reprint of different embroidered textiles, printed on a Wenzou paper.