for mansuetude...

Dear mansuetude,
this is the rest of the found treasure number I. I think it is about five years ago, we went away from Prague for the weekend. It was a hot day and the traffic in the city was really bed. So we just pass the city frontiers and had to stop - our daughter couldn´t wait till the first gas station and restroom.
We found a small, lost road, between some field and a small forrest. And there, under the bush, in the grass, we found all these small treasures ( plus the bracelet). Such a strange mix of things. Maybe there were more things on that place before we came there? I think,that somebody bought an old house and I threw all the old things away. And this was a part of it.


found treasures I.

This is first part of my found treasures. Things, I have found , not in the shop, not on the fleamarket. This bracelet was in a small forrest, where we stopped for a while on our way to somewhere...


happy trio

Wish you nice and happy weekend! ( I thinkg I am starting to be a little bit childish )




fashion accesory. Not very popular.... I made it for baby Frodo, but we didn´t use it.


before and now

We live in an old house, which was built by my husbands grandgrandfather in the year 1911.
I am so happy, that we have all the old photoalbums, that we can see how the time changed our sorroundings.
Wish you all wonderful weekend in your old and new houses :-)
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Today I have vusuted the library. I really love this object from Matej Kren.
I had big troubless with his passage, I couldn´t pass it, because I am afraid of highs :-)


nice weekend

on the way there, with "running" bicykles

my two-day working place

waiting for the boat

swan called Ruda

in the evening

swimming pool with a really cold water

will I see them again?

jumping game

goodbye hotel Port

Wish you all nice, sunny week!


on this sunny Thuersday

among a lot of ordinary things, I watched the world through an old glass,

killed one dangerous insect

and took a picture of the sleepy horse.
And tomorrow I am leaving the city till Sunday.So, see you then.

a dream

Today I had a funny dream. We were sitting with Camilla, Bibbi, Karin and mansuetude, drinking coffee ( having fika :-) ) and talking about our childhood.About the toys we used to play with, about the books we loved to read or watch.
So I decided to show some of mines.

Unfortunately I have only rests of my childrens books, most of them were stolen from my parents cellar and most of my toys are lost somewhere in time.