closing time

I am sorry I didn´t visit your blogs last days and I didn´t answer your nice comments. Tomorrow I have to pack all my things into boxes, inclusive my computer, wrap the furniture into plastic. Heating reconstruction in the all flat is starting...



forgotten flyers

These birdies ( brooches) are forgotten part of the found treasures II. They are not hidden in the box, together with the rest of the treasure, so I forget to show them. They are flying on the hangings, close to the window.


from my window. Can you see the balloons?


some days

are strange :-) First an apocalyptic morning, then the rainbow in the afternoon and the blue sky in the end.


elephant and ant - for Yasu

Few months ago, Yasu mentioned this book from one of my favourites authors, Daisy Mrázková.
This is another one from her - about a friendship among an elephant, ant and a small squirrel.
click on the picture to see it bigger.

morning walk

Looks like we will have another sunny, hot day...


found treasures II.

This book "Home doctor" was found on a stone dwarf wall ( if this name for the small wall it is correct,I like it very much), close to the nice, old villa. It was after a rainy day, so the poor book was wet and little bit destroyd.I guess, why was the book on the wall? Where everybody in the villa healthy, so they didn´t need it anymore or did they die after using advices from this book?
Anyway, this book is nice and disgusting all in all.


after the rainy night

After a couple of very hot days and yesterdays rainy night, I went with Chán to the forrest. I felt like somewhere in Amazonia. Fresh green everywhere!