I ( Frodo) was tagged by mansuetude
6 things I like, so here we go:
1.eat,eat, eat.....
2.sleep in Andrea´s bed
3.play with my dog girlfriends Katcha and Akela
4.watch through the window
5.steal socks and let enybody try to catch me
6.play a jumping game with Dorothy


partly back

Hi everybody,
I am back again. Just partly, because our things are not back on their places and there is still a lot of work in the flat.
Thank you for all the nice comments in my last post, the time without internet was endless...
Mansuetude, Frodo is pleased to be tagged and he ´ll answer as soon as possible!
Here you can see how we spent our last weeks :-)

in the morning before it all started

Christo could be jealous :-)

what have you done with the bed?

wall art :-(

our days in my cellarstudio

come out it´s a sunny day...

So, I hope a normal life is starting again and I´am looking forward to see and read all your posts from last weeks.