look who came

to visit me, when I was in the middle of my lunch. I´ve heard a very, very strang sound from the hall. This young magpie came through the open kitchen window to the flat a couldn´t find his/her way out, and the dogs tried to hunt him/her down...So I made an successfuly rescue action. Unfortunately I wasn´t quick enough to make a photo who this young bird is happili flying away.
Have you visit this nice Ritva´s blog?



There are some new findings on the blogs - Heather and Camilla .
And this is my find - Rosie. She was found close to the swimming pool. She didn´t have this dress so I think, she was ready to swimm.



This small bear made my daughter for me, few years ago. Then he was lost for a long time somewhere in the flat. And now, in one of the last hot days this sommer, I found him again. Maybe it means that the winter will come soon...



Friday walk

I like to visit this place with our dogs. It is not far from the place where I live, close to the castle and not well known yet. So often we don´t meet anybody there.
Have a nice weekend everybody!


a horse day

for me,one of the best ways, how to spend a sunny day
P.S. photos taken by my daughter Dorothy :-) ( she didn´t let me to steal them )